House Rendering

Perth’s Premier External Wall Rendering Services

Regal Rendering can modernise your home by transforming your tired brick walls into a new and stylish look.

We can even directly render on fibre and blue boards

Our Regal Rendering Service

From all-over external house rendering to internal decorative wall rendering, the professional team at Regal Rendering are highly skilled in transforming your home with a high-quality finish. You can also rest assured knowing your house rendering service is backed by a five-year guarantee. We pride ourselves on delivering a fast and efficient job that doesn’t put your home under construction for days or weeks on end.

Our team is efficient, clean, courteous and most of all, good at what they do. We can come and render your house within a day. This includes the render AND all the cleaning that is involved. 

We understand that you want your house to be left how it was before we were there. The only difference is now, it will be beautifully rendered.

Freo STone Bond

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With more than 35 years of home rendering experience, Regal Rendering are your first choice for all rendering services across Perth. Contact us today on 0409 374 144 to request a free quote.

Did you know that we render painted brickwork?

While most house rendering and plaster services avoid rendering painted brickwork, we use a specialised custom-made render mix that adheres to the painted brickwork and creates a long-lasting and reliable finish.

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Building a new home

Regal Rendering offer a unique choice of decorative or original external rendering finishes to enhance your new home build and set you apart from the rest. Give John and his team a call on 0409 374 144 for a friendly chat about your upcoming project.

Home Rendering FINISHEs Perth

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Acrylic Texture Coat & Graffiatto

Popular for larger homes and commercial properties.

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Limestone Rendering Finishes

Giving any surface that limestone looking finish.

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Painted Brick

The render that can be applied to any surface.

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Sand Finish

A common yet timeless looking rendering finish.

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Tuscan Finish

Make your property look like a Mediterranean villa.

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Rammed Earth

A finish to mimic the look and feel of exotic rammed earth

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A finish to give your property a touch of history

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Stucco & Tyrolean Finish

Leaving any surface with the signature look and feel

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We will inspect the work area and provide you with a free quote within 48 hours of your call.