Adding a quality look to any surface of your home

Perfect for a new home, renovation or anything in between

Build a new home?

Regal Rendering offer a unique choice of external decorative or original finishes to enhance your new home build and set you apart from the rest. Give John and his team a call for a friendly chat about your upcoming project.


The team at Regal Rendering understands how overwhelming a renovation can be, therefore we offer solutions not problems for our clients, we will come to your home or site, sit with you listen to your expectations and discuss your requirements and offer you the best rendering options available to suit your home, provide you with a no obligation free quote for your rendering finish and any other external decorative rendering needs.

Do require Rendering around windows and corners?

No problem, we have got you covered there too. Quoning, as it’s known by in the industry, is a specialised decorative finish to enhance the corners of your home or bands around windows.

Regal Rendering can work around any sort of surface, edge, corner, nook and cranny to give you the highest quality finish you require for your new or current home. 

Perfect for Outdoor Patio Areas & Planter Boxes

 It is definitely a cheaper option to include any extra external areas you are considering for rendering to be done at the same time as your family home, due to the innovative machine we use to apply our render finish, we can coat large areas quickly and effectively so If you were considering having any outdoor areas such as your patio area, planter boxes, out-door walls and fences please feel free to discuss on site with John.

Do you know we can be in and out in a day?!

View our exclusive technique and rendering equipment available only to us

Looking for a no obligation quote?

We will inspect the work area and provide you with a free quote within 48 hours of your call.