Render your walls to look like limestone

These finishes can be applied to any surfaces to mimic the look and feel of limestone

Fremantle Stone Rendering

Fremantle Stone is a limestone wall render that mimics the look of real limestone and provides an understated solution for a timeless look that will not date. This finish is great if you have extended or renovated your home and have been left with different raw brick wall surfaces to cover. With Regal Renderings exclusive machinery application, your surfaces will be coated and expertly finished, giving your wall a brandnew look that will bring unity across all surfaces to your home, it is very low maintenance and will stand the test of time!  

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For more information on how Fremantle Stone limestone wall rendering can improve the look of your homecontact the expert team at Regal Rendering and get a quote by calling 0409 374 144 today. 

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Regal Stone Wall Rendering

Another limestone wall rendering option is Regal Stone rendering. Like Fremantle Stone, a Regal Stone wall render mimics the look of real limestone but adds a more textured appearance to your wall making it a popular choice amongst Perth homeowners. Regal Stone is also perfect for covering inconsistent brick surfaces and gives your home the timeless look that real limestone provides. 

Choose a Regal Limestone Render Finish

A limestone-look render not only gives a luxury look to your home but also adds value to your property. For premium quality workmanship on your limestone wall render finish, contact the expert team at Regal Rendering by calling 0409 374 144 today. 

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