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People often think you can’t render over painted brickwork as it might fall off over time, or become “drummy” a term used when the rendered finish lifts away from the brickwork surface below in places by not adhering to the brickwork correctly due to poor preparation.

John and his team at Regal Rendering have spent 35 years perfecting this procedure, when it comes to a painted brickwork surface the preparation and procedures before applying a rendered finish are paramount, says John, it was actually John’s father who developed this procedure some decades prior, the specialised custom-made render mix that adheres to painted brickwork has been tried and tested by Regal Rendering for many years now, and creates a long-lasting and reliable finish, which is why John offers a five year warranty for all painted brickwork surface finishes done by Regal Rendering.

 Painted brickwork is also not restricted to only a Sand finish render either, your choice can be in fact any of the finishes we do at Regal Rendering a Mock Limestone finish, Tuscan Finish, Fremantle Stone, in fact they all adhere to painted brickwork due to our decades old formula.

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