STUCCO & Tyrolean

A decrative finish for any wall or ceiling

Stucco rendering

Stucco is a very textured finish. It’s durable. weather resistant and very attractive. It’s a rendering finish that works well for either inside or outside walls and can be applied directly on any masonry work. So if you’re looking for another very distinctive finish to give any surface a bit of texture, then contact us today regarding our Regal Stucco Rendering Finish. 


Applied by special machine, Tyrolean rendering finish is very easy to apply but does require an even spreading of the finish across the surface by hand. It can be made in a variety of different colours to suit any home. It’s definitely a more decorative finish and designed to give a weathered look and often pebbled like texture to the surface that it has been applied too. The great thing about a Tyrolean finish is that it is resistant to cracking, unlike plaster or cement finishes. 

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